BHC – Technology Consultants

BHC Provides a full range of business and technical consulting to clients in both the private and public sector, we provide support to clients implementing and delivering projects while retaining complete independence from all solution providers across a wide range of market sectors.

Our consultants are experts in business management and organisational development, the team can provide commercial management, strategist, financial management, systems analyst, IT specialist, all have held senior positions including board level within the private sector, we are able to undertake complex assignments which call for a broad range of skills accordingly our service and performance is effective and executed swiftly to achieve the most cost effective solution for the client .

Aerospace, Defence, Satellite, Space
Automotive, F1
Oil and Gas, Marine

Food and Retail
Renewable energy, Solar and Wind Turbines
Nuclear Power Generation.

Utilities, water, telecom, gas, electric .
IT software,
Fibre optic
Farming and Agriculture.

Vast Market Experience and Knowledge

BHC Technology brings together expertise to help business deal with complex challenges associated with the unexpected changes that many market sector face, our senior team has vast market experience and a knowledge in developing bespoke solutions for businesses we advise. Exceptional Service is at the core of this organisation, clients receive a tailored service from our team who are motivated to go that extra mile to ensure a successful outcome will be achieved for our client.

Engineering consultants

“Our differentiator is that we have worked at senior levels in industry.”

Professional insurance from a professional broker
We have:
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tick_imagePublic liability cover